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by Alice Hilton

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Every year, Wood & Wood Products Magazine rates the Top 100 Fastest Growing Firms in the nation. For the past three consecutive years, K&D Woodwork has placed in the top 50 of that list!
Custom kitchen and bath cabinets
"In the world of corporate giants and self-checkouts, customer service still seems to be the biggest reason for our growth," K&D Woodwork co-owner David Burgin says. The company has made the list three years in a row and Burgin believes more success is in the cards. There's no reason to doubt his optimism - sales have nearly doubled since the year 2000. "Modern design, quality control and competitive pricing are a major concern for our customers," Burgin says. "However, if it comes down to it, between you and a close competitor, your service reputation will get it done every time."
Custom kitchen and bath cabinets, entertainment centers, mantles, and office furniture
For its second consecutive appearance, K&D Woodwork has hit increasing productivity hard to keep its momentum. David Burgin, co-owner says, "We have been able to increase sales without a large increase in manpower or equipment. We have spent a lot of time fine-tuning each process. Due to limited workspace a hold up of any one stage really hurts us so we have to watch productivity and efficiency closely." The company has added an edge and profile sander and has otherwise focused on adding to its facility.
Custom kitchen and bath cabinets, entertainment centers, mantles, and office furniture
K&D Woodwork's first appearance in the WOOD 100 stems from its dedication to customer satisfaction. Owner Ken Burgin says the company takes the opinions of its customers personally. "We are not finished with a project when we say we are; we are finished when the customer says we are." The ultimate goal of the company is to make the customer happy. K&D Woodwork recently added Cabinet Vision Solid, a 50-inch sander and a line bore press.

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